Movie Quotes We’d Like to See (Part II)

The list for March 30, 1998
The Top 15 Movie Quotes We’d Like to See
(Part II)

  1. “Go ahead, make my… man, this gun is heavy!”

  2. “Man, that corpse in the front seat of my prop plane is *really* starting to reek.”

  3. “For the love of God, can’t you people see it’s not a woman but a man *dressed* as a woman?!”

  4. “Well, my dear, let’s just see if you give a damn when I hire the best divorce lawyer in Atlanta and take you for half of everything you’ve got!”

  5. “All right. Track down the prop master and get the Orgasmatron back on the set.”

  6. “I just felt a great disturbance in The Force — or maybe it was that pastrami sandwich.”

  7. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t GIVE a rat’s ass.”

  8. “McClain! You know that building you destroyed? It’s coming out of *your* paycheck!”

  9. “If you build it, they will pay $45 for box seats.”

  10. “For cryin’ out loud, Chewie — use the friggin’ sandbox, willya?!

  11. “I’m sorry, Dirk, but I’m just not into long-distance relationships.”

  12. “Sorry Captain, I thought there was a Tribble on your head. I’ll buy you a new one.”

  13. “Use the fork, Luke.”

  14. “No, Monsieur, find something else — I need the butter for the quiche.”
And the Number 1 Movie Quote We’d Like to See…

  1. “Oh, my God! They killed Freddy! The bastards.”
Selected from 131 submissions from 44 contributors.
Today’s list authors were:

  • Paul Schindler, Orinda, CA — 1 (4th #1)
  • Glenn Marcus, Washington, DC — 2, 15
  • Perry Friedman, Menlo Park, CA — 3
  • Jim Rosenberg, Greensboro, NC — 4
  • Michelle Burke, San Francisco, CA — 5
  • Rob Wells, Paris, France — 6
  • Greg Sadosuk, Fairfax, VA — 7
  • Spike Jones, Atlanta, GA — 8
  • Jeff Scherer, Brooklyn, NY — 9
  • Cathie Walker, Victoria, BC, Canada — 9
  • Larry G. Hollister, Concord, CA — 9, 10
  • Chuck Smith, Woodbridge, VA — 11
  • Ed Smith, Chattanooga, TN — 12
  • Tony Hill, Minneapolis, MN — 13
  • Peter Rogers, Boston, MA — 14
  • Chester Wickstaff, Sugar Land, TX — RU list name, Topic
  • Robert Sullivan, Salem, OR — Banner Tag
  • Chris White, New York, NY — List owner/moderator
  • Dire Straits, London, England — Ambience

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